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Bed and Biscuit

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29285 Pleasant-Hill Road

Kingston, IL 60145

A Thorough Guide to Bed and Biscuit

Bed and Biscuit is a family-owned and operated pet care facility with over 40 years of community service. Our owner, Kendra Marten, has a background in veterinary medicine and always gives your pet personalized attention.

You'll find our rates to be more than reasonable at Bed and Biscuit. You can expect quick turnaround times on your dog's grooming, and our staff can pick up on medical conditions you may not even be aware of. Our facility is even certified by the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

Our facility is located on the premises and always has been. Bring your pet to 29285 Pleasant-Hill Road, so they can experience a safe and peaceful stay in a quiet, stress-free environment. You can see the facility itself during a FREE tour, if you make an appointment. Don't forget to ask about our referral program while you're here!

Kendra Marten has over 10 years of personal experience in animal care services, and she purchased Bed and Biscuit last year after working there. Kathy loves your pets and her enthusiasm will keep your dog or cat coming back for more! Kathy can handle any type of dog, no matter what breed, size, or behavioral issues they may have.

Fair pricing on all services

Experienced animal care services

A high-quality facility

“Thanks for having such a great facility where our pups can have fun and exert a ton of energy!”

– Katy F - Facebook

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